IME Records is proud to present our debut artist "77Set".

A collective of  D.J. / producers and musicians from around the world who are life long friends and share a vision of a fresh musical concept, carving a new path that will eventually be strengthened by other like minded artists.

 Their debut album, "Esoteric Soundscapes" is a soaring, contemplative, mind expansive album of ambient soundscapes and electroacoustic atmospheres. Respective of form and mathematic precision, while being organically arranged, without quantization, for a freeform feel of journeying.

Diving deep into inner space explorations, "Esoteric Soundscapes" can evoke personal introspection and the desire to close the eyes, drifting into a therapeutic land of journeying within the self.

The sound of 77Set is the very foundations of the IME philosophy and  can be described as a progression on traditional ambient, trip hop, electronica and breaks, with  jazz and electroacoustic elements, fusing soundscapes captured live with heavily manipulated instrumentations and voice recordings.

Welcome to the movement...