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Friday, 6 September 2019

IME Records is proud to present our debut artist "77Set".

A collective of  D.J. / producers and musicians from around the world who are life-long friends and share a vision of a fresh musical concept, carving a new path that will eventually be strengthened by other like-minded artists.

Their debut album, "Esoteric Soundscapes" is a soaring, contemplative, mind expansive album of ambient soundscapes and electroacoustic atmospheres.  The songs are organically arranged with a freeform feel reminiscent of live improvisations, whilst respecting form and mathematic precision without mechanical quantization.

Diving deep into inner space explorations, "Esoteric Soundscapes" can evoke personal introspection and the desire to close the eyes, drifting into a therapeutic land of journeying within the self.

The sound of 77Set is the very foundations of the IME philosophy and can be described as a progression on traditional ambient, trip hop, electronica and breaks, with jazz and electroacoustic elements, fusing soundscapes captured live with heavily manipulated instrumentations and voice recordings.

Esoteric: from Greek esoterikos, from esotero "more within", comparative of eso ‘within’.
Synonyms: obscure, arcane, rarefied, abstract, enigmatic, cryptic, complex, involved, mysterious
Antonyms: simple, familiar

Soundscape: sounds that form or arise from an immersive environment. It refers to the biophony (animal vocalizations), geophony (sounds of weather and other natural elements), and antropophony (sounds created by humans) through musical composition, sound design and sounds of industrial technology. It also refers to audio recordings of found sounds that are suggestive of an acoustic environment, in conjunction with manipulated musical performances.

1. Alpha Base - 21.15
2. Space Dorment - 13.50
3. Find Me - 5.04
4. Shlomo - 14.31
5. Fluid - 15.30
Total Playing Time - 1.10.10h (70.10 minutes)

Recorded & produced by 77Set July 2018.  Released 6 Sep 2019 by I.M.E. Records.

Available to purchase exclusively on as a digital download.

Independent Music Entity Records is fully encompassing of its name - an entity releasing music that is original, individual and independent by nature.  Welcome to the movement...

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